He just can’t wait to be ONE

So let me just start here by saying that I cannot believe it has taken me this long to post these photos. Like seriously who am I. This year has been a whirlwind of chaos, new jobs, new houses, and then well covid.

So my littlest babe, Oliver turned ONE in February. February 12th, 2019 he came storming in, right in time for our very first winter blizzard of 2019. Well played O’ well played. Lets just say that this baby has brought such a light into so many peoples live. He was a tough one to crack and the first few months were lets just say sleepless and long but he has turned out to be the happiest, funniest little ham I have ever met. He his dads twin and adores his Yandy (Landyn) and Yaya (Aria) so much. Did I mention he is hands down the most stubborn and strong willed of all three of my kids. Just when I thought Aria’s attitude couldn’t be beat. Well here comes Oliver Henry to prove me wrong. He was like wait “Hold my Pacifier mom, Ill show you.” haha

So the theme of Olivers first Birthday was the Lion King. I never thought I would choose a Disney theme for his birthday initially. But a fun fact for you all is that when Oliver was a baby and honestly even until now, if gets fussy or gets into one of his moods. If you just put on the song the Circle of Life from the Lion King movie, he STOPS instantly its like magic, strange but so true. So what a perfect theme for him! And yes I did make him wear a Lions Mane, haha stop it I can’t to show these at this wedding!

This set took hours of cutting out cardboard and a mission to get all the little fluffy sticks in the background, yes those are real and to be completely honest I have no clue what they are actually called so I called them fluffy sticks. lol A vision of the need for real stick in the background came to me when I was driving down 140 heading home from my parents house when I SEEN THEM. They were so peacefully swaying in the breeze. So obviously I did what any photographer would do. I pulled over to the side ON THE HIGHWAY and got out of the car like a raving lunatic to see if I could score some of these “fluffy sticks” haha (PS before I receive any comments from A KAREN, I was by myself so no small children were left in the car unattended) Note to self: you need some type of sheers to cut those bad Larrys down because yanking them was not going to work. So long story short called up my Sister in Law and said “We need to go on a mission to get these tree link branch things and we need my brothers sheers.” She didn’t even think twice about my crazy idea and off we went to cut down some fluffy sticks. Luckily we found some in the park down in the woods a bit so we didn’t have to pull over on the highway and ultimately risk our lives or you know get arrested. Moral of the story is it was a successful mission!!

Seriously though check out that Cake! It was perfect! Thank you to Amazing Cakes in Lakeville, MA for going above and beyond to make this amazing cake!

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2020 wow what a year.

Wow where do I even begin. Per usual I am horrible at keeping up with this blogging stuff. I really give credit to all those bad ass boss moms who blog everyday, review things, share recipes, clean their house, and still manage to keep their tiny humans alive. Like they are seriously super moms. I can barely write a single blog post once every six months and my house is still a mess, but on the bright side the children have survived another year so I guess there is that. Not to mention I tend to go on rants about stuff that I am sure nobody really cares about. But its okay I suppose blogging should be for me. As I sit here in my new home office, my two oldest are at the kitchen table doing school work, the baby is fast asleep on the couch with dad and the dog has been banished to the backyard because she has peed on the nugget for the second time since we have allowed that freeloader to come live with us. I feel a sense of feel a sense of calmness sitting here writing this, which is strange because this year has turned out to be a stress ridden one. It could just be because its way too quiet in this house or maybe its a new year new me setting in haha nah definitely not that one.

To start this year out Oliver turned a year old, its crazy to even picture what life was like before him. My blue eyed little munchkin who gets more and more of an attitude every single day. My child who is legitimately the spitting image of his father from looks to his facial expressions. In March we started the process of buying a home which was hands down the most stressfully annoying process I have ever endured, it was a complete and total circus oh wait and then the big C decided to roll in a huge cloud of anxiety, sadness, and despair over the world. The whole house buying process could be whole blog post in itself so Ill just leave this here. If you decide to buy a house do not attempt to do so just before a worldwide pandemic begins! Long story short we closed on our home in Somerset, MA on May 5th and had our first night in our home on June 5th where we sat amongst mounds of boxes, ate Chinese food off of our coffee table and slept on the floor of our empty bedroom. And yes our house is still a natural disaster of boxes, children’s toys and pure chaos, but its our disaster and we love every single inch of it.

Now I guess that brings me to now, this summer was a long one. The end of last years school year was for the birds. Lets just say anyone who knows me on a personal level knows that your girl right here is NOT a teacher. I give those individuals who can deal with 20 plus children all day all the credit in the world and YOU ALL DESERVE A RAISE and a yearly vacation of your choosing and an endless supply of margarita’s because I do not know how you all do it! I can always recall watching those shows of moms who homeschool their children and thinking to myself oh hells to the No, No, No, No. Well fast forward to now guess who is homeschooling her children. I never thought I would even consider it but based off of the way they are sending these kids back to school it is not something I feel comfortable with, again a blog post for another day. I would love for my kids to go back to school full time, believe me the amount of coffee and wine it is going to take me to get through this school year I could probably pay for them to both go to Harvard by then, but at least I know they are safe and are not being exposed to the fear and the anger that our world is filled with right now. You walk down the street and everyone is afraid to be near each other it really is so depressing.

I am going to get real here for a second. I guess you could say in a sense I’m numb to this whole covid thing. Ive been in the heat of it since day one. I have left work at the hospital after a 12 hour shift with a blister on my nose from my mask. I’ve gone into the med room and balled my eyes because I just couldn’t deal with the stress. I have walked into a patients room and seen the look of pure terror in their eyes while they were grasping for air. I have seen so much as an Emergency Room nurse in the last few months than I ever thought I would. And most importantly I have seen the devastating affects that this virus has left on patients, their families, friends and loved ones. I am not someone who goes to church or prays. But I do pray that one day this all comes to an end. I don’t see an end in sight but who knows it is something to hope and pray for right?

Well I guess you could say the quiet has ended. I currently here the loud shrieks of tiny children yelling “Ew gross Penny!” Aria’s exact words as she comes running through the door like wrecking ball, “Penny jus threw up all over the carpet. I think it was because she ate a dead animals heart earlier today.” then she runs back out of the room. So I guess you could say thats my cue to go. Wish me luck people!



New Blog Post… who’s this?

Hi everyone!

It’s been quite sometime since I posted on here. Blogging is and has never really been my thing. However I figured it was time to try my hardest to be better at it. I have a really bad habit of setting goals for my business and never following through with them. One thing that I do excel in is talking and well procrastination. So for those of you who know me, know that I could talk robber out of robbing a bank just because he would probably get so sick of listening to me yammer on that it would be one of those “if you stop talking for 5 seconds, I will leave”. Hey what can you do some are amazing at being business owners, some are not. Business is far from my forte but I would love to push pass my insecurities and really push my business to be all that it can be.

Okay so lets back track. It has been over a year since I posted, which is super embarrassing. Now don’t get me wrong I have been busy, probably way busier than I have been in a long time not only photography wise but also in my personal life as well so where to begin….

Well I am now a mother of three. Yep count em 1-2-3 tiny humans that I am required to keep alive everyday. So lets just say sleep is very limited so in my defense, blogging has not been in the cards.


Photo done by our now forever family photographer, Linsey Wakefield Photography

I am now the proud owner of a Registered Nursing license (I say owner because well lets just say I will be forever paying student loans until I no longer walk this  earth, so yes I own that bad boy, well partially). I started my nursing career as Neuro/ Vascular Surgery nurse but now have ventured off to the dark, scary, depths that is the Emergency Department. It was bitter sweet but I think its going to be a great change for me. I am so excited to see where this career path will take me.

It feels like I will be a forever student because I am currently working on my Bachelors Degree in Nursing at Emmanuel College in Boston, MA. I hope to graduate with that degree by this time next year. Then one day hope to attend school to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.

Lets see what else is there, oh yeah I opened up my very first studio in downtown New Bedford, MA in May of last year. Although it still needs some work, I love the joy it has brought to me and my clients. Being able to have my very own place has really brought back my joy of photography.

Last year was a tough one, pregnancy was not nice to me this time around all on top of starting a very demanding career as a nurse. I unfortunately really had to take a step away from photography last year which is something I promised myself the beginning of 2018 I would not do. After taking on the studio I promised myself that this would be my year, 2018 was going to be one for the books. Obviously life happens and 2018 was an amazing year but just for other reasons. I gave birth to a perfect 7lb 15oz little boy named Oliver Henry, which has brought me so much joy and a whole lot less sleep. I wouldn’t change last year for the world.

So even though we are already half way through the year, that is perfectly okay. Things take time. Rome was not built in a day and I need to not be so tough on myself. I look forward to the rest of this year and all of the clients I have worked with thus far and will continue to work with for the rest of the year. Please keep a close eye out for any and all sessions that I will be doing my best to publish. Be prepared though because I have been a busy lady and have some amazing sessions to share! 🙂




Levi | Newborn | Freetown, MA

This family has a special place in my heart! I have had the opportunity of photographing them for years now! Not to mention Caroline is a hair color wizard! So to everyone who asks me who does my hair, its this girl right here! She is amazing!


Not only is she amazing at hair but she is an amazing mother of two and seriously births the most perfect tiny humans ever! Miss adeline is two and is full of sugar and spice and everything sassy! This little girl keeps her parents on their toes and then there is the newest addition who is such a little sweetie! Congrats to you all on your newest addition.

PS please reconsider a third. cough cough ❤ 🙂 DSC_0535_BW


Payton | 2 weeks new | Acushnet, MA

“She may be little but she is fierce”


This teenie tiny princess came to visit me at just about two weeks old weighing just over 4 lbs. Miss Payton had to spend sometime in the NICU, so we had to push her session back a bit however we ended up taking her photos on her actual due date and she slept like a dream!


She was the sweetest little thing and her parents were amazing! When mom contacted me and said “very girlie, pink and floral” that was music to my ears. Anyone who knows me knows that peonies are my favorite flower ever. So I immediately had to make a trip to the store for some pink peonies! And I may have placed an order or two for some other items for this little beauties session!



It was a pleasure photographing this beautiful little family! Congrats to you all! xo


Correia Maternity | Newport RI

DSC_9868Majority of my maternity sessions take place on location outdoors or in studio, but obviously in New England the weather isn’t always predictable unfortunately. So with this crazy weather and the unpredictability of babies, we opted for a new location. All I can say is WOW was it amazing! Stepped out of my comfort zone and can I just say I am so glad I did this family rocked this session as they always do!


So firstly can you say FLAWLESS! The dress, hair, makeup, location….everything was absolutely perfect for this session. Caroline is absolutely stunning and I was very sad to hear that this will be her last pregnancy, still keeping my fingers crossed that maybe she’ll change her mind because her and her high school sweetheart make the most beautiful babies ever!


I have been photographing this family since Little Miss Adeline made her grand debut! I love watching this family grow, it is hands down the best part about doing what I do! I have known Caroline since we were kids and having the opportunity to photograph her  family is amazing! I am so happy for the three of you and cannot wait to meet this handsome, yet stubborn little guy! (Note: Mama is now 4 days over due) Fingers crossed that Mr. Levi doesn’t make his very uncomfortable mama wait much longer!




Ventura Maternity | Dartmouth, MA |

This beautiful couple finished out 2017 with the birth of their handsome little boy! I have known Sara since high school and was honored when she contacted me to document such a special time in her life! They choose the most gorgeous and perfect location for their session and lets be serious how stunning does she look! Pregnancy suits you! I am so incredibly happy for the three of you!



Hunter’s Heart | CHD Awareness | New Bedford, MA


Please say hello to Hunter! This sweet little boy was born with Tetralogy of Fallot-Pulmonary Atresia and as you can see he is quite the little fighter. I was honored to have the opportunity to photograph this handsome little guy.

On January 23rd Hunter underwent open heart surgery to repair his VSD and lets just say this little boy rocked his scar in honor or CHD Awareness week!

His dad who is a Marine Vetran and his mother who is one of the sweetest people I have ever met are such rockstars and I admire them! Hunter is such a sweet, spunky little guy and I look forward to watching him grow and bring awareness and hope to every child and family out there who is born with CHD.

CHD effects over 44K children and families each year! Please consider genetic prenatal and newborn testing!

Also please consider making a donation to this amazing little family at GO FUND ME HUNTER’S HEART and following them over on their Facebook page HUNTERS HEART FB for updates on upcoming surgeries and to watch this little fighter grow!


The Cruz Family |Maternity | New Bedford, MA

There is nothing I love more than having the ability to watch families grow together. This is one of the first families I have had the privilege of photographing since I relocated from Virginia. It all started with a lemonade stand first birthday cake smash!

So when they contacted me to document their second pregnancy I was ecstatic! The beach was gorgeous and that sky though! Can you even stand how gorgeous Jess is! Like seriously a flawless pregnant mama!

And although this post is a little bit on the late side thats okay because I’m super excited that in a few short weeks I get to photograph this amazing family of four soon to be five! Yep you read correctly! Cruz Party of 5 coming in May 2018!


Jenn&Andy Say I Do | New Bedford, MA

“We are all a little weird,                                                                                                                  and life’s a little weird,                                                                                                                   and when we find someone                                                                                                         whose weirdness is compatible                                                                                                    with ours, we join up with them                                                                                                     and fall in mutual weirdness                                                                                                           and call it love”

Dr. Seuss


So I’m typically not a super emotional person but lets just say a good wedding does bring me to tears. Yes full blown cry tears. Don’t judge me! This wedding was gorgeous and the bride was stunning! I don’t post a lot of weddings because they are not my forte. I’m more of the (what happens after the honeymoon) kind of photographer haha bring me all the pregnant bellies and babies! However when I do have someone contact me for a wedding I hardly ever turn it down. Its fun to photograph something that I don’t usually do! Step out of my comfort zone and enjoy a good cry! 🙂