Jenn&Andy Say I Do | New Bedford, MA

“We are all a little weird,                                                                                                                  and life’s a little weird,                                                                                                                   and when we find someone                                                                                                         whose weirdness is compatible                                                                                                    with ours, we join up with them                                                                                                     and fall in mutual weirdness                                                                                                           and call it love”

Dr. Seuss


So I’m typically not a super emotional person but lets just say a good wedding does bring me to tears. Yes full blown cry tears. Don’t judge me! This wedding was gorgeous and the bride was stunning! I don’t post a lot of weddings because they are not my forte. I’m more of the (what happens after the honeymoon) kind of photographer haha bring me all the pregnant bellies and babies! However when I do have someone contact me for a wedding I hardly ever turn it down. Its fun to photograph something that I don’t usually do! Step out of my comfort zone and enjoy a good cry! 🙂




Adrian | 14 days New | New Bedford, MA

I always have clients who ask prior to a session “What happens if my baby won’t sleep! Then what!?” WELL….WE GO WITH THE FLOW! lol I have photographed so many newborns, and I can promise you that if you little one doesn’t sleep they are not the first and will certainly not be the last! Newborn babies are on their own program which I am sure you know based on the sleepless nights I am sure you are currently having. Newborn photography takes an incredible amount of patiences which you will be happy to know I have plenty of! So please ease your mind knowing that even if your little one won’t sleep, we will get beautiful images of your handsome little guy or beautiful little girl regardless!

Now this little guy was having nothing to do with sleeping on this particular day but thats perfectly fine because sometimes photos with them wide awake end up being the very best! This just happens to be the second little boy this year that I have had the privilege of photographing with a full head of hair! Can you even stand it! How gorgeous is he! Even though sleeping was not his thing I think we still managed to get some amazing photos of his sweet little rolls and his wonderful parents!


Eli | Newborn | New Bedford, MA

Eli (Not to be confused with Manny, just as an FYI) is a New England Patriots fan! Just wanted to get that straight before hand! lol

This little bundle of sweetness was a dream to photograph. Not only did he sleep so soundly during his session but check out all of that hair! I’ve known this little guys mom for quite sometime now and it was great to have the opportunity to photograph her  newest addition! I also had the company of his very helpful big sister! Great job mom and dad! They are both beautiful!


Miss Lydia – 6 weeks old

When your baby cousin has her own baby! I remember the day she was born! I specifically remember it being a friday night because I was watching my TGIFriday on I believe it was ABC! haha

Miss Lydia was six weeks early and weighed only 3 lbs, 13 oz. So we opted to wait until she was a little bit older to do her photos. Even though she was born so early and so tiny this little one is a fighter and thankfully only spent a very short period of time in the NICU. She brings the quote “Though she be but little, she is fierce” to a whole new level.

It really is crazy how fast people grow up, I will always consider her to be my baby cousin so it was an honor to be able to photograph her baby. Lydia was a great model and slept so peacefully even when we made her take photos with her older cousins.