Jenn&Andy Say I Do | New Bedford, MA

“We are all a little weird,                                                                                                                  and life’s a little weird,                                                                                                                   and when we find someone                                                                                                         whose weirdness is compatible                                                                                                    with ours, we join up with them                                                                                                     and fall in mutual weirdness                                                                                                           and call it love”

Dr. Seuss


So I’m typically not a super emotional person but lets just say a good wedding does bring me to tears. Yes full blown cry tears. Don’t judge me! This wedding was gorgeous and the bride was stunning! I don’t post a lot of weddings because they are not my forte. I’m more of the (what happens after the honeymoon) kind of photographer haha bring me all the pregnant bellies and babies! However when I do have someone contact me for a wedding I hardly ever turn it down. Its fun to photograph something that I don’t usually do! Step out of my comfort zone and enjoy a good cry! 🙂




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