Adrian | 14 days New | New Bedford, MA

I always have clients who ask prior to a session “What happens if my baby won’t sleep! Then what!?” WELL….WE GO WITH THE FLOW! lol I have photographed so many newborns, and I can promise you that if you little one doesn’t sleep they are not the first and will certainly not be the last! Newborn babies are on their own program which I am sure you know based on the sleepless nights I am sure you are currently having. Newborn photography takes an incredible amount of patiences which you will be happy to know I have plenty of! So please ease your mind knowing that even if your little one won’t sleep, we will get beautiful images of your handsome little guy or beautiful little girl regardless!

Now this little guy was having nothing to do with sleeping on this particular day but thats perfectly fine because sometimes photos with them wide awake end up being the very best! This just happens to be the second little boy this year that I have had the privilege of photographing with a full head of hair! Can you even stand it! How gorgeous is he! Even though sleeping was not his thing I think we still managed to get some amazing photos of his sweet little rolls and his wonderful parents!



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