Mr M | Newborn | Lakeville, MA

Newborns have my heart and sole. There is no better therapy then snuggling up with a brand new baby! Fun fact: When I first started photography back in 2011, Newborns were far from my thing. At the time I followed so many amazingly talented newborn photographers and didn’t truly realize how much patiences and skills photographing a newborn really takes. Its not simply placing a baby on a bean bag or in a basket and keeping your fingers cross that they stay asleep. A lot more goes into it. Not only do you have to be skilled with the best way to handle, pose and capture newborns you also have some serious patiences. Compared to popular belief, sometimes babies just will not fall asleep, no matter how much you shush, mom feeds or how warm it is, baby just won’t sleep. When I did my first newborn I remember thinking “I’ve got this, I have a newborn and my newborn sleeps like an angel” Yeah! crazy when your not moving him around and he’s not exposed to the elements with that cute little naked tush in the air! haha

Long story short I gave up on newborns for awhile! (I will have to make a post one day of  some newborn pictures from before and after, they are scary! lol) Not to discourage anyone from wanting to get into newborn photography but do yourself a huge favor! Take some classes, do your research online, go to a workshop, really study on newborn safety I can’t say this enough! Safety! Safety! Safety! It’s so insanely important!  So now that I went on a huge tangent.

I want to take this time to introduce my super insanely handsome nephews. This blog post may be a tad bit on the delayed side, considering we just did Marshal’s one year pictures a few months ago! hah. I guess better late then never! lol

These two little cuties are my best friend Samm’s boys! Can you even stand the chunky rolls! His brother Ronin was the same way! 10 lbs of pure chunky sweet baby boy! I think we have some future football players on our hands!

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